Fashion, cats, and rum.

It has come to this! I’ve beeen thinking about starting a blog for a while, but not really known where to start. So, here we are. At a starting point.

There’s not an awful lot of male second life bloggers out there, and so i thought “I like alternative fashon…..I like shopping…..and the gods know I like talking… why not combine all these things!


So yeah, that’s what im doing. Hang in there with me, its going to be interesting! I’m into photography. Im a long time (9 year) “inmate” of second life, and you can often find me wandering round shops and fairs, looking for the cool odd stuff that comprises a lot of my wardrobe. I like the dark, the different, and the slightly sinister.

As for the title……out there in the real world, I have a herd of cats, and embrace my inner pirate 😉